From Ireland With Love | Connemara Photo Essay

The wild and rugged landscape of the region of Connemara in the west of Ireland is like nothing I’ve seen before. It is where the famous Connemara Marble is mined. The mountains reflect the different shades of green that can be found in the marble. It’s truly a site to behold. It’s also where the famous Connemara pony breed comes from.

Have you been to the region of Connemara before? If so what did you think?

Marteen x

Join me on a tour of the wild and rugged region of Connemara in the west of Ireland with my Connemara Photo Essay.


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    • Marteen Lane

      Thank you 😊 Yes that’s Kylemore Abbey. It was built as a honeymoon present and now it’s an abbey for Benedictine nuns.


  1. travelerettenyc

    Those photos are just stunning! I have never been to Connemara, but I’d love to go. I’m always amazed by the million different shades of green I see when I travel around Ireland…

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    • Marteen Lane

      You have a great excuse to visit Tom as a best friend lives close by 😊 Have you been to Ireland before? Despite being from and living Ireland it still takes my breath away.


  2. Amandas_Wanderlust

    Oh wow, Connemara looks so stunning! I have always wanted to go, because we had a Connemara horse when I was growing up. Will pin this for future reference.

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    • Marteen Lane

      I was blown away by it Amanda, to think I live so close to the region and I never explored it. Awww Connemara ponies are so cute! Thank you 😊


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